All things pinball with Lethalfrag and the Pinball Wizards team!

Lethalfrag is the founding member of the Pinball Wizards team on Pinball Wizards is a collective of streamers who have at least a portion of their content dedicated to pinball machines, retro gaming cabinets or a primary focus on arcade style games.

The team's goal is to promote pinball, and help others acclimate themselves to the games. Visit the team members streams, ask a few questions, and become a better player in the process!

Join the pinball community and experience broadcasts of live pinball play, tournaments, special events, explanations of game strategies and the specifics of how their machines are played. Also, Learn tips and tricks from some of the best flipper wielders out there.

Follow along with the team as they enjoy the fun of sharing their gaming passion with you and delve into everything from basic cleaning and maintenance, diagnostic testing and repair, to full blown restorations and all things related to pinball and arcade style games.

Springboarding off of his childhood love for pinball, Lethalfrag purchased a Star Trek: The Next Generation machine and launched a Kickstarter to raise the revenue to make his dream of streaming and producing pinball related content come true.

Thanks to the love and overwhelming generosity of his Dapper Twitch community he was able to raise enough funds to purchase all of the computer, camera, lighting and peripheral equipment he needed to make it all happen, as well as an Addams Family machine, a great workbench and numerous practical tools.

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Below are some Pinball related links and photos of Lethalfrag's broadcasting setup and his childhood machine.


Pinball Links and Information

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Photos of Lethalfrag's Pinball Broadcasting Studio


Final setup with suspended camera rig mount

Work bench with Addams Family Playfield mounted on rotisserie

Work bench/repair area camera bar

Workbench with assorted equipment and supplies

Playfield rotisserie with Star Trek: The Next Generation playfield mounted

Lethalfrag's childhood machine - 1977 Williams Big Deal
A family heirloom that is still in working order!