It is the goal of this channel to provide a calm, non-confrontational and friendly chat environment in which all viewers are respected regardless of their age, race, gender, nationality or personal beliefs.

1) Respect everyone as your equal  2) State what you think as opinion not fact  3) No sexual humor  4) Keep it dapper




What hours do you stream?

I stream Wednesday thru Sunday and most Mondays. Target start time 7:00 pm PDT (UTC/GMT-7) - 9:00 pm start time guaranteed.
Live pinball content on Sundays. 900+ days flawless attendance. Follow me on Twitter to be notified when I go live.

You stream live pinball content?

On Sunday night broadcasts I stream real life pinball game play, machine maintenance, repair and restoration work. Click here for details.

What was the the 2-Year livestream challenge?

In January 2014 I successfully completed a 2-Year (731 consecutive day) livestream challenge. My goal was to build my channel to the point where livestream broadcasting would become my primary source of income. Thanks to the support of many people and an amazing community of viewers (to whom I will be eternally grateful) I was able to achieve my dream.

Can I submit game suggestions, questions or comments??

Yes! I value your input. If you have game related suggestions, questions or comments; such as, have I heard of, have I seen the release of, you would like to see me play, when will I play, have I ever played, or when will I return to a certain game you can send me an email as follows:

Type the name of the game in the subject line, your comments in the body, and email it to

Why is the chat Sub-Only?

This channel's chat is Sub-Only except during occasional special events. Please view my Lethalfrag talks about going Sub-Only video for my personal statement about why Sub-Only was implemented.

What is your Background?

Prior to becoming a professional livestream broadcaster I had been cooking professionally for 7+ years. I have an AA in Culinary Arts and love to cook all types of cuisine at home as well as in the professional kitchens I have worked in. I am 29 years old and live in Washington State with my five year old daughter. I have been video gaming as long as I can remember (it was my reward for completing my school assignments) and spent many years of my youth playing tournament chess on a national level. I have traveled to South Africa and China and extensively across the US.  I also possess a brown belt in the martial arts style of Kajukenbo.

You have a lot of mods! How do I become one?

I mod viewers that are active in the chat and promote a friendly streaming environment for other users rather than using them to moderate the chat. Moderation on my channel is simply a sign that you have been a regular on my stream and promote the welcoming environment that I am committed to keep.

Is there a story behind the Beard?

Yes. When I first started the 2-Year livestream challenge I was clean shaven and starting to grow a mustache and my viewers requested that I grow a beard out for the entire 2 year challenge, so I agreed to do so. Since it has become so much a part of everything I have just trimmed it up a bit and called it good. The beard stays.

What is "Cooking with FRAG" (CWF)?

Cooking with FRAG was a special segment that broadcasted during the two year livestream challenge. In the episodes I used my many years of professional cooking experience to teach the basics of cooking to help my viewers develop kitchen confidence and skills. For a full detailed list of episodes please visit the Cooking with FRAG overview.

What is your broadcasting setup like?

Here are photos of my broadcasting setups. Most of the gear that I use can be found in detail in my Gear List.

Are there any pictures of your sleeve tattoo?

Yes. Click here

What is the Lethalfrag Shoppe?

The Lethalfrag Shoppe sells the basic T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and a few other accessories with official Lethalfrag designs. 3XL, 4 XL, women's apparel and hundreds of other garments and accessories (including kid's & babies) can be custom produced in the Lethalfrag Designer Shoppe.

What is the Lethalfrag Designer Shoppe?

The Lethalfrag Designer Shoppe allows you to create your own custom merchandise by selecting from hundreds of types of men's and women's apparel (including 3XL & 4 XL sizes), kids & babies, and a large selection of various accessories. In the Designer Shoppe you can create merchandise utilizing designs that are used in the Lethalfrag Shoppe, or you can upload your own images and/or add text. Both shoppes ship internationally. If you want help creating your own custom merchandise please see the Lethalfrag Designer Shoppe Tutorial.

Note: The Designer Shoppe is not limited to creating Lethalfrag themed merchandise. You can use it to create anything that you want for yourself; custom gifts, special events/promotional products, club/organization merchandise, one-off custom designs, slogans, etc, etc...

Can I submit a design or concept idea for Lethalfrag merchandise?

Absolutely! I encourage my viewers who are graphically inclined to submit designs that will appeal to the audience. Please refer to the Store Graphic Specifications for detailed information on graphic specifications and how to submit designs. If you are not a graphic designer, but have an idea for a design that you think would be fun, Email the Shoppe with your idea.

Can I send you a present?

Although I really appreciate the thought behind viewers wanting to send me presents, I am a minimalist and like to keep my personal possessions to as few as possible and I do not have a public P.O. Box.

Do you have any interviews online?

Yes. View my Real Talk interview with J.P. McDaniel.

How can I communicate with you?

The best way to communicate with me is in chat while I am live. Unfortunately, although I would love to personally respond to every viewer's messages, it is impossible to do so due to the volume of communications involved. I am happy to respond to reasonable, non-personal questions during my broadcast and occasionally do AMA (Ask Me Anything) segments. If you are a game developer, graphic artist or potential sponsor you can contact me at my business only email: