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Cooking with Frag

Cooking With Frag

Cooking with FRAG is a special live segment that aired during the two-year livestream challenge and was then “Re-Booted” after the challenge as an occasional production.

His motivation for producing this segment is to teach his viewers the basics of how to cook all manner of cuisine. He has found in his experience that many people are afraid to cook because they just don’t know where to start and are worried they will mess things up.

His goal is to build kitchen confidence and to help his viewers make the kitchen more and more a part of their lives, as well as to understand that even if they fail, to try again and learn from their mistakes. FRAG walks viewers step-by-step through the process of preparing each dish so they can follow along and try things for themselves.

About LethalFrag

Lethalfrag with Ferrets Prior to becoming a professional livestream broadcaster Lethalfrag had been cooking professionally for 7+ years. He has an AA in Culinary Arts and loves to cook all types of cuisine at home as well as in the professional kitchens he had worked in.

He is 31 years old and lives in Washington State with his wife and seven year old daughter. He has been video gaming as long as he can remember (it was his reward for completing his school assignments) and spent many years of his youth playing tournament chess on a national level.

Frag is an avid pinball enthusiast who owns several machines and occasionally plays a few games during his broadcast to stretch his legs and also produces dedicated special game play, restoration and repair broadcasts.

He has two pet ferrets, Roxie and Rubie and a cat named Winston.

He has also traveled to South Africa and China and extensively across the US and possesses a brown belt in the martial arts style of Kajukenbo.